Sunday, December 3, 2006


Thought I'd kick off the new blog with a few pics painted since I knocked up my website - which I have since been too busy (read: lazy) to update. First - an oil for a Penguin Book cover (D H Lawrence) called 'The Rainbow' featuring my freshly minted daughter Lola as the model (in her first paying job). The second, again for a Penguin Books 'D H Lawrence' cover (Lawrence in Italy), is modeled by the lovely Helen Davies (equally photogenic from the front) - and was the brainchild of Penguin 'Picture Tsar' Samantha Johnson. Both books should be published in February.


Isabella Toledo said...

Dear Mr. Robinson,

I saw one of your works on the cover of a D H Lawrence book and I absolutely loved it. I'm taking art at A-Levels and have just been working on my first two big paintings. In light of the figures I had decided to portray I researched Lucien Freud and other artists who have produced fantastic portraits with a gorgeouse balance of compositin and colour. Your piece, Sons and Lovers I think it was, struck me and I feel it is absolutely en par with those other brillint artists I have studied. Reading through your site and blog and looking at more of your work has made me a fan. I would just like to say thank you, congratulations and keep working.


Isabella Toledo

Aaron Robinson said...
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