Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I ❤ coloured pencils

Just managed to squeeze this article in for Artists and Illustrators Magazine before my second daughter Violet decided enough was enough and hit the missus with a whole bunch of bad-ass contractions in a successful bid for a brand new life ex utero. Considering how much Violet has cried about it since, she obviously regrets the whole affair - but she's out now and my wife assures me it's a one way ticket. So that's that.

The magazine is on the stands now!!! and the article is a solid four pages of 'how to...', or rather 'how I...' use coloured pencils. Sooooo - if that's something of interest and you have a £3.75 troubling the bottom of your pockets you know what to do! I recommend you pick up a copy some time anyway - as the magazine has recently relaunched and now features a pretty robust collection of practical guides and insights (and doesn't fall into the trap of being too twee).

Good then!