Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Building a picture... 2

Another 'work in stages' for those that are intereseted. See the final pic here!

Building a Picture

This went down quite when I published it over at the Myspace Art Association the other day - so here it is again. It shows the first four stages before the final painting (shown as part of my first post last December).

In other news - nothing happened. For those living outside the UK, be warned that this country seems to suffer a collective post Christmas hibernation. Having built up my red wine reserves over the festive period (much respect to those who gifted alcohol this year - I feel the love!), I made a nest on the sofa and have slowly been burning through the stockpile. February beckons though - and I'm sure to emerge blinking into the light like a bear with a sore head - stumbling around the Tescos wine aisle looking to replenish spent nutriment. I'll be flipping bottles from the shelves like a grizzly plucking salmon from a river.... "Grrrrrr" (coughs).

Sunday, January 7, 2007

Short Stories 2

Finished this over the Christmas Break. Not the greatest photo-reproduction (taken in my murky studio) - but I'm well pleased with the picture, thanks largely to the lovely Heidi Russell, who kindly lent her 'boat race' to the project (despite feeling spotty with seasonal vitamin C deprivation and having to squint into a low winter sun). Thanks missus - you're a star!

Right... what's next!

Friday, January 5, 2007

New Year Resolution....

....Is to do lots more drawing.

I've gotten pretty lazy about keeping an A5 sketchbook (a habit I've done well to keep in previous years) - which acts as a sort of diary and clearing house for ideas. Usually a mixture of representational study based on observation (from 'life' and photo) - and more imaginative dredging of the imagination (which start out as automatic drawings - and develop into 'things' as the work develops). I'll post any interesting ones here. To kick things off are a few scans from a previous A5 sketchbook I turfed up the other day (c. 1998).

Peter Blake

Usually nonchalant in such situations, I was un-characteristically wobbly when meeting Peter Blake at the V&A Illustration awards the other day. Although nerves prevented me from embarrassingly blurting Peter into a corner of the gallery with a tirade of superlative praise (thank god), it was a bit fantastic to meet a British artist of such standing.

The only shame of the evening is that the 2nd prize for book cover illustration wasn't 'a nice new jaw' - given that (looking at the photo) I seem to have half a dozen fleshy rolls of flab under-hanging my (smirking) mouth, that tower over Mr Blake like a duvet of freshly fallen (slightly sweaty and bristled) snow. Thankfully the subsequent polite applause was not enough to trigger an avalanche, jepodising the national treasure smiling to my left - (oblivious to the fate of 'burial by chins' that very nearly was his).

Thanks to Annemarie for the photo (since cropped to key areas of interest).