Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Back in Black (and white)

What can you buy for £3.95 nowadays? Eight pints of milk? Half a paperback? A two meter plank of decking board?


What you want is the July Issue of Artists and Illustrators Magazine (out now) - with a four page feature on how to use gouache/pencils by yours truly.


jake gumbleton said...

looks good mate. Glad to see you resurface you recluse!

Aaron Robinson said...

Thanks Jake... It's been a crazy year... but a number of projects now drawing to a close... so should be back at NSLG to show my cranky life drawing skills some TLC any week now.

jake gumbleton said...

Not been myself for an age but if you are going one night let me know and I will come down to see your fine self.

Aaron Robinson said...

Cool. Also keen to hit a Dr S. sometime? Let me know next time you book and I'll try and make it.

Lars Käker said...

That´s a brilliant portrait! I am very impressed! I follow your activities. It´s all very inspiring to me.

Please have a look at my photorealistic portraits at: http://www.portraits2null.blogspot.com/

Best regards from germany - Lars