Tuesday, March 29, 2011

'Mazin Tales

This started life as a random doodle. There's a cool Gnomon DVD by Carlos Huante that starts with a drawing teased from the ether. He uses a technique with Black Col-Erase pencils and some kind of solvent. Inspired - I used marker paper and surgical spirits to wipe the image down - and that worked pretty well.

I began by laying down gestural marks, and went with whatever started to emerge from the scribbly fuddle. I'm always curious about the images that arrive when one starts with nothing particularly in mind. As a kid, I used to pour through a collection of Amazing Stories covers - and this image comes straight from that 1950's Sci-Fi aesthetic. Funny thing the human brain. As well as being full of shopping lists, curry recipes and nursery rhymes in slow motion, I must have these bloody things wandering around in there.

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