Tuesday, October 27, 2009


An A2 drawing of Chris from the Newton Solney Life Group. Quite a complex pose this one - particularly with Chris's totally LOTR staff and generally Magus looks. It occurs to me how much work I need to do on hands and feet - so I'm mentally tagging this for working on. This was about 1hr 45mins work (I was on tea duty).

.... And a rare spread from my mini moleskine (9 x 14 cm [closed]). I usually just use this as a notebook - but have started super quick doodles during any rare moments I'm not doing anything (other than watching telly - which is becomming an increasingly boring option). It's a nice way of pinning down the fleeting little ideas and absurdidies, which would otherwise flutter into the ether never to be seen again.

I'm reading a few books on keeping sketchbooks at the moment and one contributors opinion was that if you keep a nice place for ideas to stay - then they will come.

I like that.

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