Sunday, June 10, 2007


A nice little series here - which formed part of a commission undertaken for Gallery 58. Interesting for me - because the images were taken by the clients (Stuart and Stephanie Hay) on their honeymoon - which made this project a collaboration of sorts. The photographs themselves were good enough to hang on the wall - so I really wanted to work them up into vivid little paintings that spilled off the canvas. Everyone seemed best pleased with the results - so a big thanks to Will McKeown (G58 owner) for making it happen.

Pictorially - you couldn't get much further from the great British summertime. At present the UK resembles 'Blind Light' by Antony Gormley, albeit on a tectonic scale. Prospective visitors from warmer climes might want to save themselves time and money by setting their bathroom shower at home to 'lukewarm' and sitting fully clothed beneath the tepid salvo.

Oh yes - and for that real 'London tourist vibe' pour yourself a small, warm glass of cola and throw a couple of quid out the window whilst you're at it.

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